Why I feel the 2nd amendment is still relevant

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Why I feel the 2nd amendment is still relevant

This was my response to a fellow defense attorney who questioned why I feel the 2nd Amendment is still relevant, in light of our founding fathers speaking of “a well armed militia, to protect against govt”…

First and foremost “automatic weapons” ARE banned and illegal! Secondly, you may need to study up on the history of countries/civilizations that banned weapons that could stop a govt, foreign or domestic, and what happened to those unarmed citizens? Ie. the holocaust. Thirdly, the evil in this world has risen to a level of terrorism that could never have been imagined by our founding fathers to even comprehend that such evil men will do such evil things to citizens. Last, and most importantly, as an attorney, you defend the Bill of Rights (including the 2nd Amendment) and the U. S. Constitution on a daily basis, do you do this out of passion or just to make money to fill your pockets?

It amazes me that “defense attorneys” fight, and fight hard, against law enforcement officers (the govt) violating people’s “rights” in a Court of Law, but seem to be the first to try and strip others of the same, because they don’t agree with one that doesn’t either fit into their ideology or political party line!

Yes, I am a very strong proponent of the 2nd Amendment, the Right to Bear Arms. But, I fight to protect all of our Rights, not just the ones I “like”. Yes, I believe we would be safer if we were given more rights to arm and protect ourselves and each other. Yes, I firmly believe “open carry” is a better choice than “no carry”. I believe people would be much more respectful and polite to each other, and criminal minds would hesitate more. And yes, I also believe better restrictions could be in place, without banning or criminalizing! I have no problem with higher education, mandatory training, continuing education, and even regulatory fees. But to disarm an entire society for the heinous acts of a few, that is just morally corrupt and disingenuous at the very least. Especially coming from “law makers” and attorneys.