Grand jury declined to indict NYPD Officer for the choking death of Eric Garner.

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On Wednesday, a grand jury declined to indict Officer Daniel Pantaleo for the death of Eric Garner. While there are striking similarities in the Garner and Michael Brown cases, the differences may change the dynamics that led to deep racial divisions in the Missouri case. (Yahoo News).

I am deeply concerned, and saddened, that this grand jury did not indict the NYPD officer who choked this man to death. Even the NYPD admitted that they train officers NOT to use choke holds. It is the equivalent to using deadly force. This man was verbally resisting and asking why he was being handcuffed. A choke hold was absolutely unnecessary, in my opinion.

And most importantly, please do not use the race issue as a deciding factor. The NYPD officer did not choke this man because he was black, he choked him because the officer was ignorant, reckless, and undertrained. There are police brutality issues against white, black, women, and children across this country. We need to come together, as a nation and as human beings, this includes all of our law enforcement officers as well.

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