Jill Erin C. – Yelp Review

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Pompano Beach, FL

12/12/2012 First to Review

I was extremely pleased with the service I received from Mr. Strolla and his assistant, Dawn. Whenever I called her up, usually panicking, she calmly heard me out and reassured me, often displaying her excellent sense of humor.

Mr. Strolla is exceptionally knowledgeable; what impressed me the most was his ability to approach a problem from several different sides. He foresaw every tactic before the State Attorney even tried it and they eventually dropped their case.  It was amusing to hear the judge express disappointment that he would not get to preside over another trial with Mr. Strolla.  On a personal level, Mr. Strolla is extremely approachable and fantastic at putting people at ease, this shows in his work.

Bottom line: I recommend them.