John Goodman back in Jail after tampering with Ankle Bracelet

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The polo mogul, John Goodman, was taken back to jail from his Wellington home at 11:45 p.m. Wednesday, after Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputies said he had tampered with his ankle monitoring device that monitors his whereabouts

The convicted DUI murderer was picked up at his South 120th Ave house in Wellington, when the bracelet sent a alert showing it had been tampered with. Deputies on the scene advised this was not a false alarm, it appeared obvious the device had been tampered with.

Goodman was convicted in March of DUI Manslaughter, in the February 2010 death of Scott Wilson. The 23 year old drowned after Goodman’s Bentley ran into Wilson’s Hyundai along Lake Worth Road in Wellington and sent it into a canal.

Goodman has been serving in-house arrest while his attorneys appeal his 16 year sentence for the DUI manslaughter conviction. The Multi-millionaire was permitted to live at his home, on the following conditions. He paid a Seven Million Dollar Bond, promised to stay at home or his nearby office, gave up socializing at the International Polo Club Palm Beach, agreed to take frequent Drug test, and pay for round the clock security organized by Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office

Goodman’s appeal is not expected to happen for another year, and this stint could cause him to stay in jail until then.