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Criminal Law

Being convicted of a criminal offense can result in the loss of liberty and civil rights, fines and court costs, loss of privileges, a criminal record and the tarnishing of your good name. Many criminal charges can be successfully defended, thereby preserving your rights and avoiding jail time. Frequently, it can be shown that the police officer’s decision to arrest you was improper or unlawful. We will present evidence favorable to your case and try to help you document your innocence.

Cory Strolla represents people charged with a wide assortment of crimes. If you are facing charges without an attorney and you have not entered a guilty plea, you still have an opportunity to obtain representation for your protection. There is no charge for your initial consultation with our office and financing of legal services is available.The State of Florida must prove that you are guilty of the charges against you beyond and to the exclusion of every reasonable doubt. The charges could be completely erroneous or false. The circumstances of your arrest may be subject to legal attack. It is important that you have a skilled attorney on your side in order to protect your valuable legal rights. Don’t face the State of Florida alone. Call Strolla & Strolla for a free consultation regarding the charges against you. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Strolla & Strolla are highly trained attorneys in criminal defense and trial litigation. We can vigorously protect your rights even if you feel you have made a mistake. We have defended thousands of criminal cases over the past 10 years. Let us protect you! EVEN THE INNOCENT CAN GET CHARGED WITH A CRIME.

If you have been arrested:

1. Don’t wait – call a lawyer immediately
2. Don’t talk to the police investigators or anyone else about your case.
3. Write down all the facts about your case as soon as possible. You might forget important details by the time your case goes to court.