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  1. All medical and hospital records;
  2. Photographs (of scene of accident, of client showing injuries, braces, casts, etc., of damaged property);
  3. All hospital, medical and related bills, either paid or unpaid (physicians, surgeons, ambulance, hospitals, private nursing care, therapy, drugs/medication, crutches, braces, X-rays, domestic help, care rental, clothing, etc.);
  4. Income tax returns for the last five years;
  5. Your health and accident insurance policy or policies;
  6. Insurance policy that may require aid of attorney to notify and collect (income protection, hospitalization, etc.);
  7. Copies of any statements previously made to anyone (opposing side, your insurance carrier, etc.);
  8. Repair bill on any damaged property;
  9. Repair estimates on any damaged property;
  10. Purchase invoices and estimates of value of personal property damaged or lost in accident (including clothing, jewelry, cameras, and all other property damaged in accident);
  11. Correspondence with insurance company, insurance adjusters;
  12. Business cards from insurance company agents and adjusters, opposing driver, etc.;
  13. Copy of any accident reports;
  14. Statement from employer regarding lost wages showing time and wages lost from work;
  15. Copies of check stubs and/or other records showing hourly rate of pay;
  16. Copies of any application for other insurance benefits;
  17. Copy of any application for unemployment benefits;
  18. Copy of social security card;
  1. Do not talk to insurance adjuster;
  2. Do not discuss the facts of the accident with anyone before having your first conference with the attorney;
  3. Do not sign anything without your attorney’s permission;
  4. Keep a diary of your trips to all doctors, hospitals, therapists and notes of your pain with times and dates;
  5. Keep all your medicine bottles and containers (as possible evidence at trial);
  6. Bring or send all future medical bills to attorney’s office;
  7. When you return to treating physicians for follow-up examinations, be sure to advise them at each examination of the nature of all of your continuing problems resulting from the accident;
  8. Keep a record of all out-of-pocket expenses, including travel expenses for medical treatment;
  9. Report to your attorney any suspicious actions, such as someone taking picture, movies, etc